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Project Consultation

Project Consultation

When you receive a project from your Printer, it can be either an invigorating or a shocking experience. The inevitable question is: Why do some projects go as expected while others do not? Often enough the answer is quite simple: Miscommunication and this is where Bridging Media can help. Our ability to understand projects and concepts is superb and will always be a benefit to each of your projects. 

Before you begin your project there are several questions you should ask yourself. First you must have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your project and how much you can afford to spend. These factors will greatly impact the design of the project. Your secondary questions are: How many colors should you use? Should you use process colors, PMS/spot colors, or just colored paper? What paper weight should you use? Should it be coated or uncoated? Will you be using envelopes? Will a certain paper adversely affect the quality of the reproduction? Does the design and layout speak to your company and image?

There's a long list of things to ask a prospective printer and several things that a printer will need to know about your project. Bridging Media will be able to ensure your printing costs are consistent with your desired budget. Even if your budget won't permit you to use a lot of color or expensive paper, there are still avenues we can take to provide you with the best project possible.

Once your printed piece is off the press, the production process doesn't have to end there. There are many forms of finishing such as binding, scoring and cutting that can be taken into consideration to make your piece more interesting and effective.

The bottom line is communication. Bridging Media works with you on your print project so you’ll be able to avoid the costly headaches which require your time and money.