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Cerlox & Coil Binding

Cerlox and Coil Bindings are popular ways to finish booklets and presentation packages.


If your project requires a finished size other than a standard size, it can easily be cut to size.


Folding is often used to make larger pieces of paper fit into envelopes.

Hole Drilling

If your printed materials need to go into binders or other such holders, holes can easily be drilled through he finished piece.


When a printed piece needs to be protected, it can be sandwiched between layers of plastic.


Invoices, purchase orders and tickets are just a few items which can benefit from having sequential numbers imprinted.


If you require tear off sheets, such as for invoices, sales receipts, note pads etc, then a padding glue can be applied to one edge of the pages to create easy to use pads of paper.

Perfect Binding

This is an adhesive binding for applications larger than stitch binding can handle.


In order to make it easier to let people tear off a portion of the page, such as including a coupon on your flyer, perforating applies a line of small holes making it easier to tear the required section.

Saddle Stitching

Saddle stitching is used when the printed pages are folded in half to create a book.


When preparing to fold heavier paper or cover weight stock, it is a good idea to score the paper.

Signs and Banners

Often print projects go hand in hand with other types of reproduction requirements. Such as signs or banners needed for a trade show, or a new company that requires signs for their office or lettering and logos cut for vehicles.